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Another bag exchange… gone overboard again!

I am participating in another bag exchange, and as usual, putting way too much work and thought into it. What can I say? I love designing and making unique arts and things for other people!

The pictures show the bag as flat. I’ll post one when it’s all sewn up. I tried to make use of my stash of random little shiny beads and charms and broken tchotchkes, and then netted them all up with some shiny thread. Bulky and a bit heavy but… yeah… the concept was too fun to pass up. *sheepish*


The Faery Queen’s Magpie
the magpie's haul!
the bag... before sewing up!


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Hennaed my cousin’s hands last week, and in the process, eventually did a bit on my own. I love the North African geometric styles, especially the 8 pointed stars. These are said to be symbolic of Venus.

henna 8 pointed star

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hurr… long hiatus

Very overdue update.

In the past 2 weeks I went to a rock show in Hendersonville, NC, and picked up a few beads and cabochons. This led me to pull out my jewelry supplies and along the way I ended up with two new necklaces, and several more in mind.

2 beaded necklaces

Need better pictures but this will do for now. Top is a necklace I made up on in the midst of working on the black necklace. The salamander is an earring that lost its twin years ago. I love the colors in this one. All beads from my stash.

All but the seed beads and two cones on the black one are from the rock show. The black is snowflake obsidian, and the grays are 2 different unidentified minerals. It was the first time I’ve tried enclosing anything in beading; with no set design in mind, pretty much seat-of-my-pants after I figured out the basic 3-D peyote process.

I’ve also started knitting a hanging dishtowel for a friend, which as a relative knitting newbie, means I’m doing a mitered knit with decreases for the first time. Since I didn’t have the correct size straight needles, it’s materializing on circular needles, which I’ve never really gotten along with before, but they are working well for this project.

2 beaded necklaces

You can see two pieces of purple fabric under the knitting in this photo. These are meant for a dress which I hope to begin working on soon!

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