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January BJP finally done!!

The First Month et L’Heure Premiere:


Whew. This was loosely designed, and mostly beaded at whim. No idea what the red circles with white dots might be, but hey, January’s done! (minus the bottom which I left open in case I really do decide to turn my BJP into a clock once it’s all done.)

Now to start February…. good thing I have in idea of what its theme and design will be already, so it will involve less agonizing over the patterns!


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That’s my 2010 Bead Journal Project Theme. It is a play on the form, as well as the time I am spending doing this! On each piece, I will be marking the number of the month. Once this is done I think I may try to sew them together and place a clock face in the center. Then…. my beads can show me time passes in an entirely new way! Time certainly flew as I dithered over January’s design. I have just finished it and now can finally start February.

I am using quadrilaterals approximately 4” long and ~2” wide that all fit together to make a 12 pointed star as my base for monthly beading. I am leaving the bottoms bead free for the base of the clock face.

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