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What I did in the last couple weeks:

three valentines 2011

Ongoing: 2010 BJP will now be a 2011 BJP as well since the last half of 2010 just got away with me. Determined to get this done! On Hour Six now: purple, blue, white.


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Gah, it’s June?! Gotta finish May first!

I’ve done April’s Bead Journal quadrilateral. Not sure how I like it, but I’m moving on! May is still in the works. I think I’ll add 2 dots of red somewhere. Photos are still crappy, but at least they are not from the laptop cam this time! Hahaha.


May- stylized 5 in silver bullion fringe

APRIL (bad, bad pic…. shiny beads don’t play well with flash)

April, 4 pencils spewing 4 colors

Using a jar lid to simulate the future ‘clock face’, all together now so far, we have….
all monthly BJPs so far

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April BJP progress

halfway through april’s BJP, so here’s a photo. I wanted it to have a theme of ‘motion’, because April was a month where I suddenly felt that I was moving out of a ‘static’ place. However, by virtue of showing 4 ‘colored pencils’ moving, it’s ended up more a self-directed motion than anything freewheeling, actually, because a lot of such ‘motion’ is an outcome from things I have done prior coming to fruition.

april BJP, showing 4 'colored pencils' coloring the month

4 colors for the 4th month, and the 4th hour. 🙂 I think the quadrant at the end will be filled in with black like January’s (and March’s blue) quadrant to emphasize the color more. No numeral for this one- ‘4’ will merely be abstract/implied by the color!

Done with seed beads and 4 porcupine quills scavenged from some earrings. Early in April before the 2010 Edible Book Fest I went to the Chevron Trading post in Asheville and lolled in bead heaven for a half hour or so. I just love touching seed beads on hanks. (The coral beads on this month’s project came from that trip). Hahaha. Goodness, that reminds me I should post on this year’s Edible Book Fest….

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March BJP

My camera is dead so I settled for taking a ‘photobooth’ quality pic with my laptop cam. Just uh, imagine it flipped in a mirror.

march BJP, Hawk beak, eye, #3

It’s done! Just got to add some stitches to the top edge to match the bottom. I’ll do that… sometime. Hah

Hawk/raptor was the motif because all thru March I kept noticing birds of prey circling around in the sunlight. Such pretty wings in flight. Perfect for my theme of time flying.

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February BJP done! (I think)

Well, it’s March and I have finally gotten the Feb piece to a stage where I can say it’s probably complete. It’s possible I might touch it up or fill in the black later, but I like it a lot as is now. So, on to March!

I was inspired by the Chinese New Year- a White/Metal TIger year. Hence, I went for a metallic look and tiger-stripes. I serendipitously dug up some very old, goldy seed beads in a random box of old junk, so I didn’t have to buy anything for this month’s piece like I thought I might have to (yay!).

The coins mark out the number (2 coins for the second month and hour), as well as the year. I originally meant to use two fake coin dangles, but I didn’t like the color or the tarnished spots, so I pulled out the old coin collection. And after doodling around with umpteen matching pairs of coins, I realized maybe it would be really cool to spell out ’20 10′. So, I checked for coins in those numeric denominations. Settled on the pair of a French 20 centime coin, and an Israeli 10 Agorot as best color and size match.

February 2010 Year of the Tiger begins!
Closeup of coins.
Jan, Feb, and March in place... it's looking like a set already!

As you can see, I’m already pleased with how it’s fitting together. You can also see I’ve started March. I forgot to account for clock face numerical alignment along one plane, so I figured I’d try to gently rotate the remainder of the numbers along the bottom… but I just saw an embroidered clock with the numbers all perpendicular to the center point and liked it, so I may or may not rip it out and put it in so the ‘3’ is vertical to the diamond’s semi-major axis like the ‘1’ and ‘2’.

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January BJP finally done!!

The First Month et L’Heure Premiere:


Whew. This was loosely designed, and mostly beaded at whim. No idea what the red circles with white dots might be, but hey, January’s done! (minus the bottom which I left open in case I really do decide to turn my BJP into a clock once it’s all done.)

Now to start February…. good thing I have in idea of what its theme and design will be already, so it will involve less agonizing over the patterns!

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That’s my 2010 Bead Journal Project Theme. It is a play on the form, as well as the time I am spending doing this! On each piece, I will be marking the number of the month. Once this is done I think I may try to sew them together and place a clock face in the center. Then…. my beads can show me time passes in an entirely new way! Time certainly flew as I dithered over January’s design. I have just finished it and now can finally start February.

I am using quadrilaterals approximately 4” long and ~2” wide that all fit together to make a 12 pointed star as my base for monthly beading. I am leaving the bottoms bead free for the base of the clock face.

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