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A Veil for a Bachelorette’s “Hen Night”

My little sis recently had a bachelorette weekend as she’s getting hitched in a few months. I made her a veil. Since she loves chickens, and since ‘Hen party’ is a synonym for ‘Bachelorette party’, I took my cue from a hen. The beaded tiara is red, like a hen comb, and there are little feathers on top of the veil. I made the veil short since my sis is not one for long flowy veils. She loved it!


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Wrap skirt, about 2 sizes ago

I found this photo on Facebook… I made this skirt several years ago before i had this blog, and when I was 2 sizes larger. Worth posting up as I think the pic and skirt is cute! It is made with a vintage Hollywood pattern in some bright red synthetic linen. I had to shorten the length to get it to my preferred knee level. It was the first time I’d used hem tape and I had to sew the hem by hand.


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Ironing Board Cover

Catching up on posting some pics of things I’ve done in the last 2 years… done quite a few but I only have pics of a few, unforch- tsk tsk. Here is a brand new ironing board cover and pad I made up just before I moved out of my old apartment in summer 2011.
Board itself is about half a century old (grandma’s) and the cover was nasty and padding was falling apart and sticking to metal. The only thing bought specifically for this was the insulbrite (silvered batting). I used an old woolen blanket for extra padding and very bright green/purple fabric in stash. (Very bright! Pic does not show it, alas…) Now it really feels like my very own board. On to the good sewing now!

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Newest Dress: Simplicity 2591

Me with the family at bro's grad... fam faces replaced by Eleanor of Aquitaine, Genghis Khan, and Henry David Thoreau

As I mentioned in the post about the dinosaur skirt, I am on a no spender bender for clothes, even from the thrift store (excepting knits, which I do not sew!)

I really wanted a cute new summer dress for several upcoming events including my brother’s graduation. I fell in love with the 2591 dress pattern from Simplicity.

I did make some changes: I wanted a V-neck but not the gathers that pattern comes with. So, I made a new bodice section by taking the underlining pattern and converting the v-neck bodice to a gather-free one. I used a stretchy belt I already had instead of making a new belt. I like my version a lot. It wrinkles way too easily for my taste, but with basically free fabric and a couple hours of time, to get a dress that fits and I like a lot, wrinkles are an acceptable tradeoff!

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The (roaring) Dinosaur Skirt

My new favorite skirt, made from dinosaur print fabric found in the bin a the thrift shop, some batik in my stash, and modifying Simplicity 3877 to be a skirt. I like this skirt a lot although it might be a bit loud (hah), and have worn it 2-3 times already.

This is my first garment made during the current self-imposed moratorium on boughten clothing. Any clothing I want or need, I will sew myself from my big ‘ol fabric stash… excepting knits, like underwear (because I don’t have much experience sewing knits), and really cool vintage items of course.

Dinosaur skirt

I have made up 3877’s dress in view D before…. it is unfortunately a UFO now though, because I chose some holiday fabric and never got it done on time. I liked the swirly skirt though so I decided to adapt the skirt portion. I do need to figure out the best way to insert godets- once again I ignored Simplicity’s directions because I hate inserting gores after sewing both skirt portions together, and sewed one side to each skirt bit and then sewed the other skirt bit to both, but it still seems to be hanging a little oddly. Not enough to be awfully noticeable though!

Pattern mods: I nixed the top, shortened the skirt & the godets, and made a waistband. Also had to take in the skirt a bit at the waist. I made a facing and used 3 buttons instead of a zipper.

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February BJP done! (I think)

Well, it’s March and I have finally gotten the Feb piece to a stage where I can say it’s probably complete. It’s possible I might touch it up or fill in the black later, but I like it a lot as is now. So, on to March!

I was inspired by the Chinese New Year- a White/Metal TIger year. Hence, I went for a metallic look and tiger-stripes. I serendipitously dug up some very old, goldy seed beads in a random box of old junk, so I didn’t have to buy anything for this month’s piece like I thought I might have to (yay!).

The coins mark out the number (2 coins for the second month and hour), as well as the year. I originally meant to use two fake coin dangles, but I didn’t like the color or the tarnished spots, so I pulled out the old coin collection. And after doodling around with umpteen matching pairs of coins, I realized maybe it would be really cool to spell out ’20 10′. So, I checked for coins in those numeric denominations. Settled on the pair of a French 20 centime coin, and an Israeli 10 Agorot as best color and size match.

February 2010 Year of the Tiger begins!
Closeup of coins.
Jan, Feb, and March in place... it's looking like a set already!

As you can see, I’m already pleased with how it’s fitting together. You can also see I’ve started March. I forgot to account for clock face numerical alignment along one plane, so I figured I’d try to gently rotate the remainder of the numbers along the bottom… but I just saw an embroidered clock with the numbers all perpendicular to the center point and liked it, so I may or may not rip it out and put it in so the ‘3’ is vertical to the diamond’s semi-major axis like the ‘1’ and ‘2’.

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That’s my 2010 Bead Journal Project Theme. It is a play on the form, as well as the time I am spending doing this! On each piece, I will be marking the number of the month. Once this is done I think I may try to sew them together and place a clock face in the center. Then…. my beads can show me time passes in an entirely new way! Time certainly flew as I dithered over January’s design. I have just finished it and now can finally start February.

I am using quadrilaterals approximately 4” long and ~2” wide that all fit together to make a 12 pointed star as my base for monthly beading. I am leaving the bottoms bead free for the base of the clock face.

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