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A Veil for a Bachelorette’s “Hen Night”

My little sis recently had a bachelorette weekend as she’s getting hitched in a few months. I made her a veil. Since she loves chickens, and since ‘Hen party’ is a synonym for ‘Bachelorette party’, I took my cue from a hen. The beaded tiara is red, like a hen comb, and there are little feathers on top of the veil. I made the veil short since my sis is not one for long flowy veils. She loved it!


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Ironing Board Cover

Catching up on posting some pics of things I’ve done in the last 2 years… done quite a few but I only have pics of a few, unforch- tsk tsk. Here is a brand new ironing board cover and pad I made up just before I moved out of my old apartment in summer 2011.
Board itself is about half a century old (grandma’s) and the cover was nasty and padding was falling apart and sticking to metal. The only thing bought specifically for this was the insulbrite (silvered batting). I used an old woolen blanket for extra padding and very bright green/purple fabric in stash. (Very bright! Pic does not show it, alas…) Now it really feels like my very own board. On to the good sewing now!

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Hennaed my cousin’s hands last week, and in the process, eventually did a bit on my own. I love the North African geometric styles, especially the 8 pointed stars. These are said to be symbolic of Venus.

henna 8 pointed star

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An Edible Catch-22

Seeing as it’s been a week since the Edible book festival at Asheville Bookworks, I need to get a post up about how it went. In all, I enjoyed seeing so many fun ways of representing books. The only bad thing was that I couldn’t eat anything because it was all laden with sugar, wheat, or dairy, even my own book, which I’d put sugar in, in anticipation others might actually want it to be palatable. *sniffle*

This was my concept: An (not-so-easily) edible catch-22

This was my product:

This was the Judge’s Choice in the adult category -and mine too!!! The artist had a great concept and product. Within the covers was the word ‘crudite’ carved out of raw vegetables: “Erudite Crudite”
erudite crudite

This was People’s choice in the adult category: “Preface to the Joy of Cooking”

What’s ‘crudite’ mean? Essentially raw veggies hors d’ouevres! It even came with dipping sauce! Under the cover of great knowledge -‘erudition’- the raw vegs with the goblet of sauce and dip become an additional layer of meaning, even punnish (in a great way). I was so awed with that edible ‘book’s concept and craftmanship. The expansiveness and grandeur kinda makes me wish I’d gone with my original crazy concept of making a ‘kit bag’ from Milo to Yossarian including my book and chocolate covered marshmallows as the cotton Milo tried to feed people. Next year… 🙂

I did feel a bit let down people had voted the cupcakes for the people’s choice. The cupcakes were definitely INSANELY expansive but it was donated by a bakery company in Asheville (along with several other edible books from other shops), and I couldn’t really see any depth to it other than, ‘ok, we need something clever to feed a lot of people.’ One would think people would not just look at the surface- i.e. the amount of work- and look at the story behind the book, the finesse with which it was made, as well as aesthetic sense. there were many prettier and cuter books than the cupcake Preface, imo.

It was great fun, and I hope Asheville Bookworks participates again in 2010!

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In my experience I am terrible at updating blogs just like I suck at using networking. My LJ’s last post was in 2006. I’ve made only 2 posts in the past half-year over at WeCue. But, I think it would be good to have my craft progress and ideas catalogued. (And btw my resolution for this year is improving networking.) So in the spirit of a new spring… let’s start over!


  • Edible book for Asheville Edible Book Festival on APril 1st
  • Sew dress to wear to edible book fest, using view 191 from Lutterloh 1954
  • Sew some summery dress(es) using Simplicity 3502
  • Plant Daffodils from First Craft of Spring
  • Sew, sew, sew, knit

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