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Another bag exchange… gone overboard again!

I am participating in another bag exchange, and as usual, putting way too much work and thought into it. What can I say? I love designing and making unique arts and things for other people!

The pictures show the bag as flat. I’ll post one when it’s all sewn up. I tried to make use of my stash of random little shiny beads and charms and broken tchotchkes, and then netted them all up with some shiny thread. Bulky and a bit heavy but… yeah… the concept was too fun to pass up. *sheepish*


The Faery Queen’s Magpie
the magpie's haul!
the bag... before sewing up!


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Buttercup Bag

Ok, while in Asheville waiting for the madness of the Edible Festival, I went fabric shopping. At Asheville Cotton Company, as I was checking out, I chanced to see a fat quarter of gorgeous orange print. I bought it. And this is what I did with it over the last 2 days:


Pattern from Made By Rae’s blog

I lined with green cotton recycled from a 50 cent thrift store men’s j.crew shirt I had previously cannibalized for buttons. I am a big fan of symmetry when possible, so I paid extra attention to the pattern layout and pleating. I did a itty bitty box pleat in the middle and pleats facing it on each side, instead of having all pleats facing one direction. I also inserted the straps at the same time I sewed the lining and outer together.

Now, the original pattern called for magnetic closures or buttons. I decided to go ambitious with a zipper. And man was this zipper was a beeyotch to get in. =_=
I used some directions from, and patted myself on the back for doing pretty well… until it came time to stitch the lining and outer together. Oh my lawd. My advice? Don’t put in a zipper unless you are prepared to be the source of lots of bad language. After much swearing at the machine and the bag, I finally got it sewn up, and gave a big sigh of relief, only to turn it inside out and discover I had accidentally inserted and sewn one side of the strap so it went under the zipper. *eye twitch*

I still need to topstitch the upper edge since it buckles a bit despite all the interfacing I added, which I will do. Eventually. Whew. But on the plus side… new ORANGE bag, experience with zipper insertion, learning what interfacing works and does not work (next time I use soft sew-in interfacing, not crispy!)

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