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A Veil for a Bachelorette’s “Hen Night”

My little sis recently had a bachelorette weekend as she’s getting hitched in a few months. I made her a veil. Since she loves chickens, and since ‘Hen party’ is a synonym for ‘Bachelorette party’, I took my cue from a hen. The beaded tiara is red, like a hen comb, and there are little feathers on top of the veil. I made the veil short since my sis is not one for long flowy veils. She loved it!


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Gah, it’s June?! Gotta finish May first!

I’ve done April’s Bead Journal quadrilateral. Not sure how I like it, but I’m moving on! May is still in the works. I think I’ll add 2 dots of red somewhere. Photos are still crappy, but at least they are not from the laptop cam this time! Hahaha.


May- stylized 5 in silver bullion fringe

APRIL (bad, bad pic…. shiny beads don’t play well with flash)

April, 4 pencils spewing 4 colors

Using a jar lid to simulate the future ‘clock face’, all together now so far, we have….
all monthly BJPs so far

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April BJP progress

halfway through april’s BJP, so here’s a photo. I wanted it to have a theme of ‘motion’, because April was a month where I suddenly felt that I was moving out of a ‘static’ place. However, by virtue of showing 4 ‘colored pencils’ moving, it’s ended up more a self-directed motion than anything freewheeling, actually, because a lot of such ‘motion’ is an outcome from things I have done prior coming to fruition.

april BJP, showing 4 'colored pencils' coloring the month

4 colors for the 4th month, and the 4th hour. 🙂 I think the quadrant at the end will be filled in with black like January’s (and March’s blue) quadrant to emphasize the color more. No numeral for this one- ‘4’ will merely be abstract/implied by the color!

Done with seed beads and 4 porcupine quills scavenged from some earrings. Early in April before the 2010 Edible Book Fest I went to the Chevron Trading post in Asheville and lolled in bead heaven for a half hour or so. I just love touching seed beads on hanks. (The coral beads on this month’s project came from that trip). Hahaha. Goodness, that reminds me I should post on this year’s Edible Book Fest….

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March BJP

My camera is dead so I settled for taking a ‘photobooth’ quality pic with my laptop cam. Just uh, imagine it flipped in a mirror.

march BJP, Hawk beak, eye, #3

It’s done! Just got to add some stitches to the top edge to match the bottom. I’ll do that… sometime. Hah

Hawk/raptor was the motif because all thru March I kept noticing birds of prey circling around in the sunlight. Such pretty wings in flight. Perfect for my theme of time flying.

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January BJP finally done!!

The First Month et L’Heure Premiere:


Whew. This was loosely designed, and mostly beaded at whim. No idea what the red circles with white dots might be, but hey, January’s done! (minus the bottom which I left open in case I really do decide to turn my BJP into a clock once it’s all done.)

Now to start February…. good thing I have in idea of what its theme and design will be already, so it will involve less agonizing over the patterns!

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That’s my 2010 Bead Journal Project Theme. It is a play on the form, as well as the time I am spending doing this! On each piece, I will be marking the number of the month. Once this is done I think I may try to sew them together and place a clock face in the center. Then…. my beads can show me time passes in an entirely new way! Time certainly flew as I dithered over January’s design. I have just finished it and now can finally start February.

I am using quadrilaterals approximately 4” long and ~2” wide that all fit together to make a 12 pointed star as my base for monthly beading. I am leaving the bottoms bead free for the base of the clock face.

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Bead Journal Project 2010

yes, I have decided to join.

Not sure yet what my journal will involve. I suspect 8 pointed stars may be prominent. And great excuse to to shop for more beads!! I really want to get my hands on some Charlottes…

I am working on several holiday gifts involving beading, including one commission… need to finish them by monday!

Lessons learned from these:

-15/0 seed beads are lovely but devilish small.

-I need better lighting.

-bead netting is a pain in the you-know-what.

-St. Petersburg chains are sooo pretty!

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