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February BJP done! (I think)

Well, it’s March and I have finally gotten the Feb piece to a stage where I can say it’s probably complete. It’s possible I might touch it up or fill in the black later, but I like it a lot as is now. So, on to March!

I was inspired by the Chinese New Year- a White/Metal TIger year. Hence, I went for a metallic look and tiger-stripes. I serendipitously dug up some very old, goldy seed beads in a random box of old junk, so I didn’t have to buy anything for this month’s piece like I thought I might have to (yay!).

The coins mark out the number (2 coins for the second month and hour), as well as the year. I originally meant to use two fake coin dangles, but I didn’t like the color or the tarnished spots, so I pulled out the old coin collection. And after doodling around with umpteen matching pairs of coins, I realized maybe it would be really cool to spell out ’20 10′. So, I checked for coins in those numeric denominations. Settled on the pair of a French 20 centime coin, and an Israeli 10 Agorot as best color and size match.

February 2010 Year of the Tiger begins!
Closeup of coins.
Jan, Feb, and March in place... it's looking like a set already!

As you can see, I’m already pleased with how it’s fitting together. You can also see I’ve started March. I forgot to account for clock face numerical alignment along one plane, so I figured I’d try to gently rotate the remainder of the numbers along the bottom… but I just saw an embroidered clock with the numbers all perpendicular to the center point and liked it, so I may or may not rip it out and put it in so the ‘3’ is vertical to the diamond’s semi-major axis like the ‘1’ and ‘2’.


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